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Riot control unit (R.C.U.), an older generation drone compared to the A.T.U. due to their bulky design, inconvenient drone-pilot interface, and still sports electric actuators instead of the more efficient pneumatic actuators. Nevertheless, these drone units are still in service due to their toughness.

Just a little bit of story:
"The latest violence began this evening in downtown Washington, DC where police responds to a protest-turned-riot initiated by anti-robot extremist. Motives of these rioters are suspected to be a backlash towards the upcoming launch of the next generation adaptive police drone. Authorities are desperate to contain the situation and prevent it from spreading to the surrounding neighborhood, until they were forced to bring in more Riot Control Units into the scene."

Re-studying Johnson Ting's . Love that guy's artworks.
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Nathan elhanan riot
Nathan elhanan riot l